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If you don't see an answer to your questions, ask.

Define "Set Up".

Setting up a website involves customizing and completing a website template such as creating a custom Header or Footer or creating a great Home page. Downloading a website Theme or Template is just the beginning. Right now you may be asking, "if I created a website, isn't it done?". The answer is "maybe". 

  • If you used a Google Sites Theme, the answer is "no". 
  • If you used a Google Sites Template, the answer is "maybe".  
  • If a custom website template was created, the answer is probably "yes". 

So, what is the difference? Each of the a fore mentioned websites are in differing stages of completion.

Where do you start?

First, view the "Set-Up" presentation. It will provide an overview of the process. Make notes along the way of things you want to set up. Create a "set-up" to do list. For example, if you want to add a Header image to the Header and a webmaster contact email address to the Footer, note it like the following.

  • Header: add Header image
  • Footer: add webmaster contact email address

What is involved?

The process involves methodically setting up one item at a time from your "set-up" to do list, then moving to the next one. 

What do you need?

A pencil, piece of paper, a website design if you have one and time.

How long and difficult is the process?

That depends on two things: how much there is to set-up and how little you know about Google Sites. But, if you follow your "set-up" to do list and use the tutorials, you should be able to do the work yourself. If you have trouble, post to the "Comment Board" or contact me.

Must all "Set-Up" be done now?

No. You may do some now and some later. Just keep your notes so you know where you left off.

Does your website need to be "set-up"?

Maybe. Each website is in differing stages of completion when first created. You won't know until you go through the "Set-Up" presentation.

Can older, established websites be "set-up"?

Yes, if they are re-designing or refreshing their website, it is a good idea. Having a checklist is a good way to ensure that all important parts of your website have been addressed.

Can this "Set-Up" process be used for non Sites SOS templates?

Yes, but your website might need more "set-up" than is covered.