The Set Up Process

How much work is involved to set up your website template depends on your website. It may need more or less than the information this website offers. Use what you want or need and disregard the rest. 

If you need more help, contact me. To help you get started, visit the "where to start" page explaining the process in more detail and what to do first. 

Method #1

If you prefer to work in your own order, begin with any tutorial under the "Set Up" menu. Tutorials are listed in order of physical location in the template (top to bottom) except for some content listed at the end.

Method #2

For a structured process, follow the steps to address the Google Sites website template from the top to the bottom. If you have trouble following the Set Up information or just need help, please contact me.


Learn Set-Up Process

Not sure where to start setting up your template? First learn about the "set-up" process.  

See set-up process now.


View Presentation

The presentation will help you determine what to set up in your template.

View set-up presentation now.


Set Up and/or Get Help

Set up your template. If you need help, post to the Comments Board or contact me.

Visit comment board now.