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"Creating unique pages is possible because Google Sites can upload, position and lay out content."

What do you need to know about using Content in Google Sites?

To get the most use out of the Content, you need to know what it is, its components, how it works, limitations and capabilities.

What is the Content?

The Content is between the Navigation and the Footer portion of your website template. It is just one part of your website template. There are others such as the header, navigation or footer and each hold related website content.

The Content is where your site's information is added and that your viewer's read when visiting your site. It contains text, images, slideshows, forms and such.

What are the Content's components?

Any or all of the following parts can be used in any page. Additionally, they can be laid out differently from page-to-page via the "Layout" menu, there are 9 options.

  • Format Menu
    • headings 2, 3 & 4
    • paragraph
  • Insert Menu
    • images
    • links
    • table of contents
    • subpage listing
    • horizontal line
    • +1 button
    • gadgets
    • text box
    • HTML box
    • adsense
    • calendar
  • Docs
    • chart
    • drawing
    • folder
  • Misc
    • group
    • map
    • Picasa photo
    • Picasa web slideshow
    • presentation
    • spreadsheet
    • spreadsheet form
    • video

How does the Content work?

Your site's Content is added via a text editor that has a few editor tools available via the menus in the Left corner, the tool icons next to them and working in the text editor directly or at the HTML level via the <HTML link. It is similar to most editors.

What are the Content's capabilities?

  • upload
  • format
  • layout
  • position

What are the Content's limitations?

  • no scripts allowed unless in a Google Gadget
  • limited HTML