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Change Page Names

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Most Google Sites website templates come with commonly used pages found in most websites but some are unique to a specific type of website template. If they are not what your website needs, their names can be changed but it is a two-step process: change the page title AND the page name. 

While this is a simple process, inexperienced Google Sites users often only complete step one thinking they have changed the page name. In reality, they now have a webpage with a title that does not match the page name in the address bar.

Change A Page's Name

  • step #1: Change the page's title
    • put the page into "edit" mode via the "edit" button, top, Right corner
    • select the page's title at the top of the page and change it
    • save the page
    • check your work
  • step #2: Change the page's name (the name that displays in the address bar)
    • select the "More" menu, top, Right corner
    • select "page settings"
    • a dialog box will open
    • find "Page URL" and enter the page's new page name in the input box
    • select "save"
    • check the address of the page to verify that it has changed