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Most Sites SOS templates come with Home page placeholder content that is different depending on the template. If yours does, read on. Some or all of the information might apply. If yours does not, the information might give you ideas how to make building your website easier. 

Placeholder content is provided to make adding new content easier. Page content has been pre-organized by importance and size, as well as sized, positioned and styled. All you have to do is add content.

Home Page Placeholder Content

Replacement Tips

  • be careful not to change fonts, font sizes or alignments because this might re-arrange content 
  • be aware that content has been sized to ensure all has enough space so changing the size of even one thing might break the arrangement 
  • if you want to experiment, say, with a larger font, make a copy of your website and play with the copy


Replacing placeholder images is quite simple. Google has an easy-to-use method that is error proof. Learn about this method here. Placeholder images come in two types: those that can be kept and those just for placement. 

Mission Statement

Replace the placeholder text with your own or delete it entirely if you do not want to use it. Remember to add an page address and page name to the link at the end of this paragraph if there is one.

News and Events Gadgets

They are not required on a Home page but are recommended. They can be replaced with others, used or deleted.

These gadgets display on the Home page for your visitor's convenience so they can see the latest updates as soon as they arrive at your Home page without searching to find them. These gadgets work by displaying content in the Home page that is actually in other pages. 

To use them, open the actual News and Events pages via the navigation or the small link at the bottom of the gadget, then either create, edit or delete a news post or event. The change will display both in the actual pages and the Home page gadgets automatically. 

To manage them, open a gadget in page Edit mode, select the gear icon to open a gadget's dialog box. There are options for how many posts to display, in what order and so on. Make selections, save and check your work.

To delete them, open a gadget in page Edit mode, select the "X" in the top, right corner of the gadget. Save and check your work.

To replace them with another gadget, open a gadget in page Edit mode, delete it. Then insert the gadget you want to use from the "Insert" menu at the top, left corner of the page. Find the "Gadgets" option. Add your gadget, save and check your work.

Learn more here.


Forms that come with the templates will display an error message be default. The reason? Because the forms  belong to another Google Account, the Sites SOS Google Account.

To add them to your website template, you must save a copy into your Google Account first, then insert it into your website. Instructions come with each template stating that you must visit the Google Docs Gallery, search for the Sites SOS Forms, or others, and add them to your Google Account.

Lastly, you must make some settings such as whether to use a spreadsheet to capture form information and assign an email address so email notifications can be sent. 

Google Sites forms have recently changed. See the latest new here and a "how to" tutorial here