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Map Locations

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Some Google Sites website templates come with a map with either no location or a default one assigned. The process to modify the location's address is simple and can be done in the "Map" page itself via the map gadget.

Modifying A Google Maps Location

  • select the "Edit" button,top, Right corner of page
  • the map gadget box will display, hover at the bottom for the "gear" icon to display, select the "gear"
  • a dialog box will open: "google map properties"
    • select the "change" button
      • a second dialog box will open
        • enter the new location's address in the input box
        • select the "magnifying glasss" search icon to begin searching for the new address
        • select the "select" Blue button
        • select the "save" Red button
  • "save" page
  • check the map to make sure your location is on the map