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"The Footer can be an extension of your website to display additional, important or less often-read content."

What do you need to know about using the Footer in Google Sites?

To get the most use out of the Footer, you need to know what it is, its components, how it works, limitations and capabilities.

What is a Footer?

The Footer is the bottom most portion of your website template. It is just one part of your website template.There are others such as the header, navigation or content and each hold related website content. 

The Footer usually holds content that does not fit into the other navigation, legal or contact information. There are actually 2 Google Sites Footers: the first is not accessible but is used for Google links and the other for website content.

What are the Footer's components?

The Footer is actually a very small limited-use text editor. The editor's components are similar to those in the Google Sites page editor minus some functionality.

How does the Footer work?

Content is added via a very small text editor or the HTML editor.

What are the Footer's capabilities?

The Footer can display text and images. While this sounds limiting, it is not. Many other website Footers only contain content that is either text or an image. Content can be positioned nicely just like in the page editor via the alignment menu: Left, Center or Right or some HTML can be used to create divs and tables.

The Footer can contain of the following content but there may be other types of content, too.

  • Copyright 
  • Contact
  • Links to uncatagorized pages that don't fit into the website navigation
  • Legal content such as privacy policies, terms of service and the like
  • links to popular website pages so viewers don't have to scroll to the top of the page

What are the Footer's limitations?

  • not listed in the Colors and Fonts page so there is no functionality to style it like other template parts
  • no gadgets are allowed
  • no page layout available
  • limited to the Insert, Format and Table menus

Other Footer Facts

Why use the Footer?

The Footer may or may not be needed depending on your website but there are good reasons for using it.

  • display uncategorized page links that might not fit into the site's navigation
  • frees up navigation space
  • focuses viewers on the content you want them to see by placing lesser page links somewhere else
  • content displays on all pages
  • extra web space