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Forms Add Ready Made Forms

"Google Sites Forms are useful tools to capture viewer feedback, for event sign ups and as email."

What you need to know about using Forms in Google Sites.

Google Sites forms have recently changed. See the latest new here and a "how to" tutorial here. This page will be updated soon.

Google Sites forms do not work the same as most other forms. When a form is created, a spreadsheet is also created at the same time with columns for each form input box, menu or text area.When content is submitted to a form, via input or text boxes for example, it is actually populated into the columns of the spreadsheet.

Next a message can be sent to "a" specific email address alerting the recipient that the spreadsheet has been altered but the actual email message is not sent. Instead a link to the spreadsheet is sent. Selecting it will open the spreadsheet so the message can be viewed. 

This method involves a little more work than most other forms but might be a good alternative. You decide.

  • Positivescan capture content in a spreadsheet that can be sorted, saved as a file and shared, saved as a csv file and imported into another spreadsheet program
  • Negativesform message is not sent in email alert so requires opening up spreadsheet page

What can Google Sites Forms be used for?

Google Sites forms are great for capturing content. This is really useful for surveys, feedback, email and event sign ups. 

How to add a ready-made form to Google Sites.

Ready-made Google Sites forms must be saved into your Google Docs account first. Then a form can be inserted into a page via the "Insert" menu, while in "Edit" mode. Find the "spreadsheet form" option in the drop down menu.

A dialog box will open allowing you to choose how to insert the form: by name from your Google Docs account or by the form's address. Once a form is selected and inserted into the page, then the form's settings can be selected such as whether to use a border or a form name.