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Add Ready Made Form

Forms Add Ready Made Forms

These instructions explain how to add a ready made form to your Google Docs Account from the Google Docs Gallery site though there are other methods. This is the easiest.

  1. visit the Google Docs Gallery to download the form to your Google Docs Account 
    1. enter "sitessostemplates" into search box to find the form faster
    2. select "use this template" button
    3. the form will open up in your Google Docs account
    4. I recommend renaming the document in the top, Left page corner of the page
  2. set up email notification
    1. select the Tools menu then "notification rules"
    2. a dialog box opens
      1. note the email address at the top - this is where your messages will be sent
      2.  select "when user submits and form" & "email - right away" or choose your own
    3. save
  3. send a test message to be sure the form and email notification is working work