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If your site's name is too small or large, change the website name's font size and/or position .

  1. method #1: change the website name font size
    1. open the "Colors & Fonts" page
    2. find the "Site Header" section
    3. find the "Font Size" and change it
    4. view the changes in the window below
      1. note that all fonts are not the same
      2. some are bigger or smaller though they are the same size
      3. if necessary or desired, change the font family, too
    5. makes changes until the site name fits in the Header like you want
    6. select the big, red "save button" 
    7. open any page and check your work

  1. method #2: re-position the website name
    1. open the "Site Layout" page
    2. select "change site layout" button
    3. a dialog box opens with all 5 sections of the template
      1. find the second one: Header
      2. find Alignment
      3. play with the two alignment settings
        1. vertical
        2. horizontal
      4. select the big, red "save button" in the dialog box
    4. select the big, red "save button" in the page
    5. open any page and check your work
    6. for more detailed information and examples, read this article
    7. Customizing A Google Sites Website Name