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"Images are easy to upload and manage in Google Sites if you know how. "

What do you need to know about using Images in Google Sites?

Using Images in Google Sites is a simple process but problems can occur if a few points are considered before doing so.

  • sizing
  • naming
  • acceptable file formats

Sizing Images.

Images should be properly sized prior to uploading them to Google Sites. Images that are too big can use up limited website storage for non Google Apps websites, slow down page loading for viewers and making positioning with other page content harder. Think about how much space the image needs in the page, then size the image accordingly.

Naming Images.

Images should be given a descriptive file name prior to uploading but if not, they can be "renamed" afterward. Why is this important? At some point, you will want to find an image or document file in the "Attachments" page (a sort-of file manager). If a descriptive file name is not used, the file will be hard to find among the many other website files. 

Acceptable Image file formats.

According to Google Sites documentation, animated gifs are not supported but a work around is provided. Most image file formats are supported but if they are not jpgs or pngs, they will be converted to either. Adding images to your site

How does the Image gadget work?

Once an Image is added to a Google Sites page, a gadget box displays. Some settings can be made to the image via the gear icon: change its size, its alignment and whether text wraps around it. Customizing how your images are displayed

How to add an Image to Google Sites.

There are 2 ways to add Images to Google Sites. The difference is convenience and where the Images will be used in your website. For example, if uploading one image to one page, use either method, probably #1. 

If one image may be used in multiple pages, then use method #2. The one Image's link can be copied and pasted into multiple pages. Whereas, if method #1 is used, 2 images files will be uploaded of the very same image.

  1. into "a" page
    1. Adding images to your site
  2. into the "Attachments" page
    1. from any page in your site, top, Right corner, "More" menu
    2. "Manage Site"
    3. select "Attachments" page link in the Left navigation
    4. select the "upload" button to start the process
    5. once uploaded determine a specific page to move it to
    6. open that specific page
    7. insert the image using the link in #1