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Choosing Navigation

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Sites SOS Templates offers navigation in two ways: horizontally and vertically (sidebar) depending on the template. If yours comes with one type, this information does not apply but might be helpful to know. If yours came with two like the Nonprofit Series templates, read on because you options. You must decide how to use them but you don't have to use both though but you can.

Navigation Options

Use One. You may choose one type of navigation and delete the other.

Use Both. You may divide your page links into two, placing the most often chosen pages in the horizontal navigation and the lesser chosen pages in the vertical navigation, for example. Or you may use some other method to divide the page links.

How To Choose A Navigation Type

Which type to use will depend on the needs of your website and its future growth. There are many factors that contribute to his decision.

  • will you be adding more pages in the future?
    • might the horizontal drop down menus become too long?
    • might you be adding more drop down menus than the horizontal navigation can hold?
  • do you need the page space that vertical navigation uses?