Child Care


Changing The Font Size

When font size is changed, whether larger or smaller, the space needed for that text changes, too.

This can throw off the balance of content in a page. Suddenly, a paragraph is using less, or more, space and is now larger or smaller than other content in the page. 

This can create empty white areas in the page and make it now look empty.

To maintain balance, make adjustments as needed such as possibly increasing or decreasing the font size, increasing or decreasing the size of other content (such as images or text boxes) or moving content around  as long as the content flow makes sense to viewers.

Home Page Custom HTML

Changing the base theme will change the font used for the following links: "Services", "Prices", "Availability".

The Home page uses custom inline HTML for the font used for the the following links: "Services", "Prices", "Availability". 

The link's font is the same as the font used for the site's name. When the base theme is changed, the font changes. If you know HTML, you can change the link's font to match the font used for the new base theme's site name.