Changing Images

Photos Page

Images may be inserted several ways but I recommend uploading them to the "Attachments" page first and then changing the url to each image in the table. This method allows you to upload images to one place, the "Attachments" page, then use them in any page. 

When images are added, they will be automatically re-sized to the current size in this page.

  • Top, right corner of any page, "More" menu
  • "Manage Site"
  • left navigation, select "Attachments" page link
  • Select "upload".
  • Next to the file name are two links. Right-click the "view" link. 
  • A menu will open. Select "copy link address". 
  • Return to the "Photos" page and left-click an image to change the image's url. 
  • Select the "Change" link. 
  • A dialog box will open. 
    • Insert the copied image link address. 
  • Select the text below the image and change it.

Events & Videos Pages

Template images are located in the "Attachments" page. To replace them with your own , select the check box next to the image and the "Replace" button. A dialog box will open to your computer. Select an image and wait while it is uploaded.