Working on your Google Sites website takes time and can be error prone if you do not work efficiently and smart. I use the following methods to cut down on the work time and diminish errors.

Problems Using WYSIWYGs

WYSIWYGs, What You See Is What You Get web builder programs, like Google Sites, use point and click to get work done. Selecting menus sure beats using programming code to do the same thing but it comes with a price. Every little feature must be selected to create it and your work must be checked. Clicking can become tiresome.

If you forgot to do something or to open another page, back and forth you go between pages. While this won't go away, it can be cut down by setting up your work environment to work smarter.

Setting Up Your Work Environment

Using tabs and a second browser, you can set up a work environment to move back-and-forth between the page you are working on and checking the work you just completed in that page in your site. This method cuts down on using the "back" and "forward" arrows, while working in one browser, from opening and closing the same pages over and over.


As an example, think about what is involved to change the "site name" of your site. You must navigation to the "General" page from any page in your site. Then, rename the site, save the page and open any page to check that the new site name is displaying correctly. 

Using this method instead, open two tabs: one for any page in your site and the second for the "General" page. From the "General" page, rename the site and save the page. Go back to the the first tab and check your work. This is much easier than moving back and forth back through the pages via the "forward" and "backward" icons.

Other example uses are creating/editing anything in Google Docs that displays in your site such as a form or spreadsheet.

  • Using Tabs
    • advantage - easy to move from one page to another
    • disadvantage - won't work if you don't have the screen space to open several tabs at once
  • Using A Second Browser
    • advantage - easy to refresh after page updates using the "refresh" icon or the "F5" key to check your work
    • disadvantage - won't work if you don't have the screen space for another browser