"Start with the "Set-Up" presentation and go from there". 

Step 1 A: View "Set-Up" Tutorials

If you prefer to work in a less unorganized manner, view the individual tutorials in any order from the Set Up menu. 

Step 1 B: View the "Set-Up" Presentation

For an organized, step-by-step process, start with the presentation and continue through to the other steps. The presentation will cover MOST parts of the Google Sites template, those that Sites SOS templates use, their options and some dynamic content such as forms and select, commonly used gadgets. Some "set-up" has been ignored but the most often used "set-up" tasks have been included. 

Step 2: Create Your "Set-Up" To Do List

As you follow the presentation, start a to-do list and note what you want to "set-up". For example, if you want to add a Header image to the Header and a webmaster contact email address to the Footer, note it like the following.

  • Header: add Header image
  • Footer: add webmaster contact email address

Step 3: Set Up Your Website Template

Select the pages you need from the "Set Up" drop down menu or the "Helpful Links" page. I suggest starting at the top of your list so that by the time you reach the bottom, you will know you have done all steps. But, you may start anywhere you like. Just check "set-up" tasks off the list as they are done. 

Step 4: Check Your List and Work

Check that all tasks have been done, then check your work. If necessary, make adjusts or fix problems. Now you can begin adding content to your website. 

Step 5: Get Help If Needed

If you have followed the process and still need help, please contact me.