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Set Up Tips

Check here first to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Some tips are specific to Sites SOS Templates.


  • All "set-up" steps may not apply to your website.
  • If you do not have a website design before starting "set-up", create a test copy of your website and work in the copy. Play, test and learn with the copied site. Then build your actual website.
  • If you are using a non-Google Apps Account, ALWAYS know how much website space your website has used. It has a limited amount that can be used up quickly. This does not apply to Google Apps websites. The best way to keep your website's storage space under control is to upload files off-site to Picasa, Presentation or Drive and link to them from your website.
  • You MUST use good file management practices or managing your files (attachments) will be impossible. The current "Attachments" page which is a sort-of file manager lacks the basic features of a real file manager such as sorting and searching for files. Following the following steps will help you to find and manage your files easier.
    • before uploading files, give them a descriptive name so you can find them later but if you forget, "rename" them afterward
    • delete duplicate and unused files
    • make it a practice to immediately delete files from the "Attachments" page when you remove them from "a" page
    • the fewer the files you have, the easier it is to manage them
    • only have files uploaded that are actually being used in the website


  • Header images can be added, removed or replaced. They don't have to be used but are an option.


  • Most of Sites SOS templates are made to use horizontal navigation but Vertical (aka Sidebar) navigation may be used for some. Using the latter may break the template. TEST FIRST to be sure it will work before putting a lot of work into your website.
  • You MUST keep the horizontal navigation for MOST Sites SOS Nonprofit templates and many other templates. Disabling it may break the template. TEST FIRST to be sure it will work before putting a lot of work into your website.
  • Sites SOS Nonprofit templates have BOTH horizontal and vertical (aka Sidebar) navigation. You DO NOT NEED both. They are offered ONLY to give you options. You may use one or both. If using both, you might place the most often used links at the top and less often used links at the side.


  • Google Sites itself is not a good tool to display and manage multiple images in "a" page. It lacks the ability to position, organize and label them. Instead, use tools that are made for image management like Google Presentation or Picasa. You may link to individual images  or create albums or presentations for multiple images.